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Beginner Tennis Lessons For Kids Today

Tennis is a practised skill. Movement, variant of strokes and the postures, doing everything correctly matters a lot. Right tricks and techniques can make you win the game like a pro. Involving a sport like Tennis in your routine can bring a positive impact on both your body as well as the mind. If you are a beginner at this sport, you must enrol yourself in beginner tennis lessons for kids. Once you start playing here at a tennis school near you, you will learn how to play with the right tactics. As to ace up the level of the game, you need to take proper tennis training near you. Apart from you, if your child has expressed interest, registering him in tennis lessons for kids is going to prove an essential benefit.

Tennis classes not just being a sport gives you a chance to stand alone and excel in your health as well. You can also keep yourselves fit with the help of tennis classes San Diego. Professional coaches or as we say tennis teachers here are quite helpful and offer the right kind of exposure to your child. Tennis school for kids provide expert guidance to those who dream big and want to accomplish their goals beyond the expectations. Pull up your socks and be ready to develop a strong work ethic in you because playing tennis not only builds confidence in you but also makes you learn to never quit. For all this, the only thing you need is appropriate leadership! So, get prepared to let your dream of being a professional tennis player turn into reality.


2-Hour Class

Friday 4-6pm

The class is for kids aged 7-12 and focuses on basic fundamentals including technique, footwork and hand eye coordination. The emphasis of this class is fun!


2-Hour Class

Tuesday and Friday 4-6pm

These players can rally the ball over the net, but have not mastered spin and control. Match play, rules and etiquette are introduced. UTR rating 1-2.


2-Hour Class

Wednesday and Thursday 4-6pm

These players play competitive tournaments and consider tennis their primary sport. Junior Varsity and lower tier Varsity players. UTR rating 2-4.


2-Hour Class

Thursday 6-8pm

High performance class working on match play, doubles, and strategy. Players must audition for this class. High level varsity players, playing Open level tournaments and have achieved a So Cal ranking. UTR rating 5-7.


Fall Semester Tuition: September 1- November 19

Tuition (12 weeks/classes) 1hr. class = $240

Tuition (12 weeks/classes) 2hr. class = $420

Winter: December 1- February 11- March 4

Tuition (12 weeks) 1hr. class = $240

Tuition (12 weeks) 2hr. class = $420


When purchasing tuition there are no make up classes. The only reason for a makeup class is if it rains. There will be no class on Winter Break. Class will be held on all holidays except for Christmas or Thanksgiving.

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