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Founded in 2017 by professional coach Brandon Sieh, On The Rise Tennis Academy started with a small group of four students and now has grown to over 150. Be a part of the fastest growing academy on the west coast and we shall Rise Together!

From beginners to advanced players we have everything you need to help your game. We create a fun atmosphere where kids are excited to play every week and see their friends. Join us today and see what were all about!

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San Diego Tennis Lessons

The key to master tennis lessons in San Diego requires you to be completely dedicated in the game. Playing tennis doesn’t demand huge cost, whether you are looking for beginner tennis lessons San Diego or looking for some efficient tennis lessons San Diego for kids, you can get the tennis lessons from experienced coaches. Adult or youth tennis lessons San Diego are altered as per the needs and abilities of the players, whether beginners or experienced. Do you want to learn how to play tennis like a pro? Waste time no more and under the guidance of highly-skilled coaches learn the tricks and techniques to master this marvellous game.

If I’m considering tennis not just as a sport but also as a career, firstly I would look for private tennis lessons near me. After my search for tennis coaching near me is done, I will pick one suitable coach and batch over there. In developing proper game skills, the professional coaches at the tennis academy San Diego lend a great helping hand. Plus, you can make a choice between various batch timings and days in a week. But, also will learn all advanced tennis tactics from highly-experienced coaches in a competitive yet friendly environment. The team of skilled coaches here know how to raise the score of players. So, if you are ready to learn and be better in the game of tennis, lose no chance and enrol today. Tighten your belts to be aided by dependable tennis coaches and observe your improvement in the game.

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