Why Us

We have great players to train with

Nationally ranked players, high school varsity and junior varsity players, satellite and novice players, we have every level to fit your child’s needs. As a program, our students are winning tournaments every weekend. We believe that getting the best players to train together will make everyone better. We consistently bring the top players from Rancho Bernardo, Poway, Rancho Penasquitos, 4S Ranch, and Carmel Valley. Our motto is that there will always be someone better than you in the program

Small Class Sizes and Themes

We never will put more than 6 kids on a court, so your child will have the best ability to hit as many balls as possible. We have designed a curriculum of drills for 5-6 players on a court. These drills consist of dead ball feeds, racquet feeding, live ball and serving training. Each week there will be a different theme for the class.

Movement and Shot Discipline

We believe that if you can’t move efficiently to the ball, you won’t be successful. All of our drills are designed to improve footwork. Our players are trained through repetition to make smart choices with their shots and to not hit in the net. Errors are going to happen, but we eliminate all the bad errors in a player’s game. We use a rope above the tennis net to simulate hitting a higher target. No other tennis programs use this mechanism. This makes the player hit more shape or spin on the ball and reduce net errors. Our players make less net errors than other academy because we focus on it each week.

We Donate to Charity

Portions of every lesson you take will be donated to San Diego Rescue Mission to help the homeless. Although we are not a non profit, we believe in giving back and helping those who cannot help themselves.

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