Oceanside Tennis Lessons

Take Oceanside Tennis Lessons And Boost Your Game Level

Everyone today is in a customary track of fitness and health. Playing sports or even getting involved in some fitness activity can boost our stamina and will also help us in leading an active goal-oriented life. If you are a sports-freak and tennis is one of your passion, Oceanside tennis lessons come to your rescue. The main motive of Oceanside tennis academy is to centralise and provide you with a place where you can not just take tennis lessons, but somewhere you can also access the public tennis courts in Oceanside, CA. Once you get yourselves engaged here Oceanside tennis club, you must rest assured that as when you leave it, you are going to play no less than like a professional.

Striving for the professional touch in your tennis game? Play at Oceanside tennis courts and allow the expert coaches to help you. Tennis lessons Oceanside CA is a great chance for anyone who is looking to play tennis not just for fun, but as a sports passion or a career to be pursued in life. From private to semi-private, group clinics, and courts, Oceanside tennis camp grant impeccable services to all kids and adults. So, whether it’s your first lesson or you haven’t played it in years, now you know where you must take your next tennis lesson. Reach your fitness goals with the highest quality of Tennis programs in a righteous manner. Are you ready for a fun-filled and educational tennis lesson? Wait no more and get assisted by a team of world-class Tennis coaches right away.


1-Hour Class

The class is for kids aged 6-12 and focuses on basic fundamentals including technique, footwork and hand eye coordination. The emphasis of this class is fun!


2-Hour Class

These players can rally the ball over the net, but have not mastered spin and control. Match play, rules and etiquette are introduced


2-Hour Class

These players play competitive tournaments and consider tennis their primary sport. Junior Varsity and lower tier Varsity players.


2-Hour Class

Invitation only class, players must audition for this class. These are high level varsity players, playing Open level tournaments and have achieved a So Cal ranking.

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