College Placement

Do you have what it takes to play college tennis?!

We get a lot of our academy parents asking us about how their daughter or son can play college tennis or even get a scholarship. The first thing we tell them is your child needs to practice the same amount of hours per week as their age. So if your child is 13, they need to train 13 hours per week. If you train less than this you’re probably not going to be at a high enough level to play college. Tennis is a repetition based sport, so you need as many reps per week as you can get. To give you an idea if you think your child has a chance to make a college tennis team, you must be a UTR of 7 and above by their senior year. College coaches start recruiting athletes their senior year and one of the first things they will ask a prospective student athlete is, “What’s your UTR?” Local rankings and status on is secondary compared to UTR ratings. Ask one of our academy coaches how you can improve your UTR and start the process of getting recruited by college coaches.

The following players have trained at On The Rise and are currently playing collegiate tennis:

  • Julia Haynes- Columbia
  • Nikita Speshilov- Point Loma
  • Peter Trhac- Idaho State
  • Lindy Cornwall- Carnegie Melon
  • Frances Cornwall- Vassar
  • Brian Wang- John Hopkins
  • Carolyn Brooner- Sonoma State

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